Preparing for a Funeral

How Fancy Does a Coffin Have to Be?

Funeral arrangements for a deceased loved one can differ significantly depending on the person's wishes—assuming they left wishes at all. Sometimes it's a matter of debate for the immediate family of the deceased, with everyone coming to an arrangement as to what will be the most appropriate way to bury their loved one. Perhaps one of the most relevant matters to be discussed will be the coffin. If you feel that your loved one wouldn't have minded one way or another, is there really a need to opt for a lavish, ornate casket? Read More 

Two questions a funeral director might ask you when organising a funeral for your relative

Whilst funeral directors need to ask their clients many different questions when helping them plan their relatives' funerals, there are two particularly common and important ones you will probably need to answer when you planning your own family member's funeral What type of hairstyle, make-up, clothing and accessories do you want the deceased to have? Most funeral directors will aim to ensure that a deceased person is presented in the way that their living relatives want them to be insofar as it is possible for them to do this, given the condition of the remains. Read More