Preparing for a Funeral

A Beginner Guide to Direct Cremation

Funeral costs can escalate to unimaginable levels, especially for conventional funerals where you have to plan for items such as a casket, food, flowers, acknowledgement cards, obituaries, memorials, and transport. For those on a bare-bones budget, planning is key, especially when geared towards cost-reduction. In light of this reality, direct cremation is seen as a low-cost solution to giving a loved one a decent sendoff. Direct cremation is a method of burial whereby the body of a deceased is cremated a few days after death. Read More 

3 Ways Funeral Directors Help Give a Loved One a Befitting Send-off

Once a loved one dies, it's hard to bear the grief or even accept that they are gone forever. Dealing with grief after losing a loved one isn't easy, and it's a moment you need sincere comfort from your relatives and friends. However, they might not help you in every bereavement stage as the funeral director would do. Working with a professional funeral director would comfort you in such a trying moment since they would help organise a befitting funeral memorial service for the deceased. Read More 

Three Reasons to Choose Granite over other Materials for Your Memorial

Losing a loved one is tough. Organising the send-off is the only opportunity that you have to celebrate their life and preserve their memory forever. One of the important choices you will need to make for your loved one is the type of headstone you want for their final resting place. The stones come in a variety of materials, including marble, limestone, slate, and granite. Granite is the best material currently in use for headstones. Read More 

Understanding Eco-Friendly Burial Options

Eco-friendly burial options are becoming more popular due to an increased awareness of environmental issues. Whether you're planning a funeral for a loved one who expressed an interest in environmentalism or preplanning your own funeral, there are several eco-friendly burial options available. Coffin Materials A simple way to make a burial more eco-friendly is to choose a natural, sustainable material for the coffin that's biodegradable and doesn't add to the destruction of rainforests. Read More 

Three Ways To Be A Part Of A Memorial Service Whilst Living Overseas

When you move away from your home country to live somewhere else, there is one phone call every emigrant dreads, and that is the one which informs of a family death at home. Unfortunately, this situation does happen and getting on a plane to return to the home country is not always a convenient or affordable option. When the funeral service or cremation is over and the family holds a memorial service, there are still ways you can be a part of this grieving process without boarding an aeroplane. Read More