Three Reasons to Choose Granite over other Materials for Your Memorial

Losing a loved one is tough. Organising the send-off is the only opportunity that you have to celebrate their life and preserve their memory forever. One of the important choices you will need to make for your loved one is the type of headstone you want for their final resting place. The stones come in a variety of materials, including marble, limestone, slate, and granite. Granite is the best material currently in use for headstones. Here are three reasons why you should choose granite over other types of headstones.

Granite will be a Lasting Monument

Granite is one of the few materials that does not easily deteriorate with age. Some of the common forms of deterioration that ruin gravestones include rust, rotting, and the disintegration of weaker types of stone as they interact with the chemicals in the atmosphere. Granite forms when regular carbon undergoes thousands of years of extreme heat and pressure; the resulting material is so tough that few environmental conditions can cause damages such as corrosion to it. As a result, a headstone made from granite is extremely strong and may last for hundreds of years without significant damage.

The Aesthetic Appeal

Your loved one occupied a special place in everyone's heart. There is no better way to communicate this than getting them the most elegant and unique gravestone. Granite comes in a huge variety of colours. It also has the most appealing natural streaks and other flecks that form during the natural creation process of the stone. It is also possible to airbrush granite so that it can include artwork and individualised memorial messages and other details. Some people even have photos of their loved one airbrushed onto the headstone. 

The Ease to Etch and Engrave

Granite is one of the easiest materials for carving, etching, and other forms of engraving. It is also possible to sandblast and use lasers to etch any message onto the surface of granite without ruining it. The benefit of the messages created on granite is that they can last for many years and still maintain their original beauty.

These are some of the reasons why you should consider getting a granite headstone as opposed to other materials. The most important thing to remember is that the quality of the headstone will depend on the supplier and the person you entrust with the process of carving it. Take your time and get the best creators of granite memorials, and lay your loved one to rest properly.