How Do You Arrange a Pagan Funeral?

In the 2016 Australian census, some 48,000 people listed their religion as Jedi, joining the ranks of Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Yoda. While declaring themselves as Jedi was probably meant to be a joke, the 27,194 people who listed their religion as Pagan presumably were serious. Although only a relatively small number of Australians have Pagan beliefs, you'll want to respect those beliefs when a loved one passes away and wants a Pagan funeral. Read More 

Four Fundamental Tips for Working with a Funeral Director

Funeral planning can be difficult for the bereaved. Therefore, if you have the responsibility to organise a funeral service for a deceased loved one, you should think about consulting a professional. This is beneficial because there are numerous things which must be taken into account for a successful event. Oversights can lead to inappropriate delays and other unfortunate occurrences. Here are some simple tips for working with a funeral director to put together a great service. Read More 

Follow These Guidelines When Choosing a Cemetery Monument

Losing a loved one is not an easy thing. When it comes to giving them a final resting place, you want a monument that will be memorable for decades. Monuments, headstones and grave markers come in a number of materials, designs and colours. Some of the most common types include flat grave markers, flat tablets, slopers and headstones that have a base. All these designs normally have one thing in common: the fact that the material you choose determines their durability. Read More 

A Beginner Guide to Direct Cremation

Funeral costs can escalate to unimaginable levels, especially for conventional funerals where you have to plan for items such as a casket, food, flowers, acknowledgement cards, obituaries, memorials, and transport. For those on a bare-bones budget, planning is key, especially when geared towards cost-reduction. In light of this reality, direct cremation is seen as a low-cost solution to giving a loved one a decent sendoff. Direct cremation is a method of burial whereby the body of a deceased is cremated a few days after death. Read More 

3 Ways Funeral Directors Help Give a Loved One a Befitting Send-off

Once a loved one dies, it's hard to bear the grief or even accept that they are gone forever. Dealing with grief after losing a loved one isn't easy, and it's a moment you need sincere comfort from your relatives and friends. However, they might not help you in every bereavement stage as the funeral director would do. Working with a professional funeral director would comfort you in such a trying moment since they would help organise a befitting funeral memorial service for the deceased. Read More