Two common reasons people decide to pre-arrange funerals

Here are two common reasons people decide to pre-arrange funerals.

It can help to ensure that their funeral is conducted in the way that they want it to be

One popular reason why people decide to use a funeral home's prearranged funeral service is so they can make sure that their wishes regarding how they want their funeral to be conducted will be respected. If a person were to set aside money for their family to use for their funeral when they die, there is a possibility that their family members might either be unable to fulfil their funeral-related requests or might decide to go against their wishes. For instance, if a person wants to have their remains cremated, but their family disapprove of this, their relatives might decide to have their remains buried instead. Similarly, if they want to be buried in a mahogany casket with silver hardware, but their spouse dislikes this, he or she might decide to order a different casket.

However, if a person has already paid for their funeral before their death and has requested, for instance, a specific casket or to be cremated, then it's much more likely that their preferences will be respected, as the required arrangements will have been put in place and it would not only be costly for their family to make other arrangements but would also be difficult, due to the funeral home being obligated to conduct the funeral in accordance with the pre-arranged funeral plan the deceased person chose and paid for before they died.

They don't know if, when they die, there will be people in their life who will be able to arrange their funeral

Another reason why people sometimes decide to pre-arrange funerals is that they're unsure if, when they die, there will be people in their life who will be able to arrange their funeral. For example, if a person is quite isolated, has no known relatives and only has a few acquaintances who they rarely socialise with, and they don't organise their own funeral before their death, then their funeral might end up being a very simple one that is organised by the state.

As such, a person in these circumstances, who would like their funeral to perhaps be a bit more elaborate, to be conducted by a particular funeral home or to simply be carried out according to their specific wishes, might need to make their arrangements themselves before they pass away.

Likewise, if a person's closest relatives would not be able to manage the responsibilities of organising a funeral (for example, if they have a learning disability or dementia), then it would be sensible for this person to do this task themselves before their passing. 

For more information about how to pre-arrange funerals, contact a local funeral home.