How To Ease Funeral Arrangements

Planning and executing a funeral, in most cases, can be a complicated and nerve-wracking activity. Unlike other events, you have a short time to plan and hold the funeral. The guide below discusses how you can ease funeral arrangements by preparing for funeral arranging.

Consider A Pre-planned Funeral 

A pre-planned funeral is an arrangement where someone plans their own future funeral. It gives loved ones peace of mind since they do not have to worry about the funeral planning process. A pre-planned funeral contains the following elements: 

Last wishes: It is one of the most vital aspects of a pre-planned funeral. More often than not, your immediate family has a difficult time deciding the whats and whatnots of your funeral. The arrangement allows you to decide the funeral home you would want your body taken, whether you would like a mass, when you would want your funeral held, and any people you would want to speak at your funeral. Some people will leave a short speech to be read out during the funeral ceremony. 

Preferred burial: In some cases, family members are conflicted over how to lay your body to rest. Your prepaid funeral plan should shed light on this. For example, some people would prefer a ground burial, while others would want their bodies cremated. Remember to state what you would want your loved ones to do with your ashes if you prefer cremation. For example, they could be dispersed at sea or left with your spouse.   

Financial aspects: There are two ways to cater to your funeral expenses. One, you could establish a joint bank account with a close family member. Once you die, they will use funds in the account to pay for your funeral. Alternatively, you could enrol in a prepaid funeral plan. It is similar to a life insurance policy, only that the funds in the plan are used to pay for funeral expenses. 

Work With An Experienced Funeral Planner

Suppose you are a family member of a deceased person who died without a pre-planned funeral arrangement. In that case, the best way to handle the funeral process is to engage the services of a funeral planner. These are professionals that assist friends and family with all aspects of the funeral process. For example, they could recommend a suitable funeral home and ensure the deceased body is well taken care of until the burial day. The expert could also assist with event management. For instance, they could provide tents and seats for guests and organise catering. 

When hiring a funeral planner, ask about their experience and specialties and assess the planner's terms and conditions.