Two Tips for Those Who Want to Order Very Valuable Headstones

If you'd like to place a very expensive headstone on a relative's grave, here are some tips you should follow.

Have the remains buried in a cemetery that is well-secured and well-maintained

Funeral home employees who assist their clients with the ordering of headstones will usually advise those that choose highly valuable ones to put their loved ones' remains in cemeteries that are very well-secured and which are maintained to a particularly high standard. This is something that you should do if you pick a headstone that is unusually expensive.

The features that make a specific headstone valuable (such as the expensive marble it's made from or the solid-gold decorations that have been attached to it) can make it more desirable to thieves. As such, the grave and the headstone must be placed in a cemetery where there are enough security features to keep it safe. If you're unsure about which of the local cemeteries in your area is the most well-secured, you should consult the funeral home employees, as they will be familiar with all of them and will be able to advise you on which one would offer the amount of security you need. Additionally, if you're going to spend a great deal on this item, then it makes sense to put it in a cemetery where headstone maintenance is a high priority for the maintenance team. Whilst all cemeteries that are in use undergo some maintenance, the maintenance teams that work in certain cemeteries dedicate more time to this task than those that work in other cemeteries.

Have the headstone insured

It is also a good idea to get the headstone insured. This is something that the funeral home employees can guide you through. Insuring the headstone will mean that if, for example, a valuable part of it is stolen, if it's vandalised or there is an incident in the cemetery (such as the collapse of a tree onto your relative's grave), then you'll be able to make use of your policy to get the headstone fixed.

Getting this object insured is especially important if you don't normally have large sums of money to spare, as if you cannot afford, for example, the two thousand dollars it would cost to get the headstone repaired or have some of its stolen features replaced, and it is not insured, you might have to leave in a broken or vandalised state for months. This could make your grave visits quite upsetting, rather than comforting. 

For more information about headstones, contact a local funeral home.