How Fancy Does a Coffin Have to Be?

Funeral arrangements for a deceased loved one can differ significantly depending on the person's wishes—assuming they left wishes at all. Sometimes it's a matter of debate for the immediate family of the deceased, with everyone coming to an arrangement as to what will be the most appropriate way to bury their loved one. Perhaps one of the most relevant matters to be discussed will be the coffin. If you feel that your loved one wouldn't have minded one way or another, is there really a need to opt for a lavish, ornate casket?

The Price Range

It's completely a matter of preference, and some of the decision-making process can be financially motivated. There is a considerable price range when it comes to coffins, and they can range from around $800 to as much as $15,000 for a custom-made model. The amount that you spend on a coffin doesn't have to be viewed as a reflection of how much you loved the deceased, and you might be hesitant to spend so much when it's not as though their own casket would have held that much importance to them. So what are your options?

No Coffin at All

Depending on local restrictions where the burial is to take place, it's sometimes permitted to bury a loved one without a coffin. The body must generally be covered, but this covering can take the form of a shroud, rather than an enclosed box. And even when permitted, you might not want to utilise this option as the recognisable outline of the body being lowered into the ground might in fact prove to be distressing to some mourners.

Keeping Things Simple

A coffin doesn't have to be excessively decorated, made from rare materials or really anything more than a wooden box. There are many coffins for sale that are designed to be as basic as possible, reflecting your financial restrictions along with the fact that your loved one might not have specifically asked for anything more, meaning that something simple and tasteful will be the best choice. Be sure to check with your chosen funeral home that they will allow a BYO coffin, but once this has been confirmed, you can quickly and inexpensively obtain a coffin from another source so that the burial service can be scheduled. 

When your loved one wouldn't really mind what they're buried in, sometimes the fanciest option for a coffin isn't the best option. Look for coffins for sale to see what's available.