Follow These Guidelines When Choosing a Cemetery Monument

Losing a loved one is not an easy thing. When it comes to giving them a final resting place, you want a monument that will be memorable for decades. Monuments, headstones and grave markers come in a number of materials, designs and colours. Some of the most common types include flat grave markers, flat tablets, slopers and headstones that have a base. All these designs normally have one thing in common: the fact that the material you choose determines their durability. Limestone, marble, quartzite and granite are some of the most common materials used to make grave monuments. If you are torn among the four materials and are wondering which will work best for you, here is why you should pick granite. 


One of the amazing things about granite is its ability to withstand heat, low temperatures, dampness and even fire. A granite headstone is not porous, which means it does not absorb any moisture from the rain. Since the graveyard is an open space that is always exposed to these tough weather elements, choosing granite will maximise the life of your monument. Granite also does not erode easily, which means that it will stay intact for many years and possibly many decades after its first installation. 

Ease of Maintenance

Another amazing thing about granite is how easy it is to clean. Dirt and mud from the environment do not stick onto the surface of the monument. When they do, you can easily clean them off using warm water and soap. Sometimes, a little hosing down gets all the mud, accumulated dust and other debris off the surface of the monument. The fact that you do not need complicated maintenance procedures to keep your loved one's monument in perfect condition makes it the ideal material.

Ease of Customisation

Creating a monument for a loved one who has passed on often includes having beautiful words written in their memory. It may also involve drawing symbols and photos. Not all gravestone materials are workable with. Some cannot hold the letters engraved or embossed on them for a long time. Granite, on the other hand, is easy to work with. You can engrave, emboss and even print images on it without having to worry that it will get ruined with time.

In addition to all those qualities, it is important to note that granite is also very affordable. It is the ultimate perfect way to create a monument which will last decades for your loved one. 

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